Sunday, October 9, 2011

Brutus' Legacy Lives on

Yesterday was a testament that BRUTUS' life was not in vain and that his Legacy to help the betterment of the Pit Bull Breed and Community WILL LIVE ON!!

Yesterday Oct 8th 2011 -
 Ybor City FL was the setting for the most wonderful
 PIT BULLS POUNDING THE PAVEMENT EVENT  EVER !!!!!  Brutus was my inspiration behind Pit bulls Pounding the Pavement.

There was approximately 120+ dogs and responsible owners at our Annual Pit Bull Awareness Month event. Almost double what we have had in the past. So many dogs and handlers in one small area at Gaspars Grotto Patio and Grill. Everyone had a great time. In the evening it began to rain ( no lightening) so I danced in the rain and It felt like Brutus was there with me. The whole event went way smoother than any other event. Every one was unified and there as ONE for the breed.  It was a perfect event.

We had wonderful vendors :
 Pibbles to the Rescue, Pit Bull Happenings, HCAS Pit Crew, HCAS adopt Program, ITrainU, Petsupermarket, and my most favorite of the day ,
 whose awesome artist Anna Hamilton was there and she memorialized Brutus on the Grotto's wall. Gaspars Grotto was were our first Big Walk took place.It was only befitting to havehim there with us... in spirit and on the wall.                                    
                                AND ON THE WALL

Even though I still want Brutus to be here with me I feel this is one of the best memorial I can give him

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